Dancing, like any other activity requires equipment's to keep you comfortable for extended periods of time. A dance shoe is one of such equipment that not only supports your feet but also benefits your dancing. From taking your first dance step to transitioning to another, your dance shoe is your real dancing partner; it protects your from injury and gives you a pain-free dancing experience.

Moreover, it does help you to take a big leap from a beginner to a professional dancer. So, get on your dancing shoes and get ready to rock-n-roll!


What Are Dance Shoes?

Dance Shoes

Dance shoes are flexible and come with a suede sole at the bottom which makes them easier to spin while maintaining control throughout the dance. Most of the dance shoes have a steel shank down the middle part to lend stability to the foot which brings your weight naturally to the front part of the foot allowing you to align your muscles properly for a good posture and positioning.


Regular Shoes Vs. Dance Shoes

The use of dance shoes is not mandatory for beginners but as you progress into a professional dancer, technique becomes important and to achieve that you need a pair of dance shoes that offers flexibility and support to your feet so that you can easily transit from one move to another. Dance shoes benefits dancing while, regular shoes are created with intent to grip the floor and due to its thick and stiff sole, the movements are not smooth and dancers are unable to feel the floor causing a major risk for injury.


Dancing shoes can be expensive than the regular shoe you buy. However, when you invest in the proper shoes for dancing, they will not only kick-start your dancing journey but will also last you for a long time. Also, owning a pair of ballroom dance shoes offers several advantages that will justify the investment you make.


What are the different styles of dance shoes available? If you are a beginner, then a simple practice shoe will be good enough for you. Find a shoe that is comfortable and works with both smooth and rhythm styles. However, if you are a professional dancer you will need something different –


  • For Latin/Rhythm style: For ladies, typical Latin shoes have a higher heel of up to 3 inches which helps you maintain your balance and weight to the front of your foot while allowing your toes to flex in order to execute quick and sharp moves. For gentlemen, the heel will match up with that of your lady’s for more stability and control.


  • Smooth/Standard style: This shoe has typically a lower heel than the Latin/rhythm shoe. It will allow you to execute the proper technique with heel while keeping you grounded and compressed.


There are several dance shoes benefits that you should know of.

Have a look below for the benefits you will receive after putting on your dancing shoes –

Benefits of Dance Shoes


1. Dance Shoes Help With The Technique

If you are finding it difficult to maintain your technique while you groove, your current shoes might be a problem as they inhibit your movement. This is because they have thick and inflexible soles that have a higher grip on the floor. Whereas, dance shoes have suede soles that do not stick to the ground allowing you to have smoother and flexible movements while you dance.


2. Dance Shoes Are Comfortable And Functional

If you wear sneakers to your dance class, you can expect some protection to your feet when trip off while dancing but that is about it. Your regular shoes will cause your feet to ache after you dance. Professional ballroom dance shoes have extra padding that cushions your feet and also absorbs the shock your feet are subjected to while dancing. Hence, they are much superior in comfort and provide better function than a regular pair.


3. Dance Shoes Last Longer

Your regular shoes are not designed for dancing and will wear off much faster than the professional dance shoes that are designed to withstand the pressure that results from dancing. It is better to invest in one pair of shoes rather than replace your regular shoes. You do the math of how much money you will save!


4. Dance Shoes Offer A Variety Of Options

Do you feel you will have to compromise on appearance while going for dance shoes? Well, you are wrong! Dance shoes offer a variety of options in terms of design and appearance that you can choose from. Also, you can personalize it according to your outfit and need!


5. Dance Shoes Are Pain-free And Injury-free

Dance shoes are specifically designed for dancing and that is why it is pain-free and injury-free, it offers complete support to your feet and constantly protects it from any long-term injuries like plantar fasciitis.


Do’s and Don’ts For Dance Shoes

Taking care of your dance shoes is really important if you wish to maintain them for several years. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you maintain them –


  • Do brush the suede soles regularly.
  • Don’t wear your dance shoes outdoors.
  • Do carry them in a shoe bag.
  • Don’t allow them to get wet.
  • Do use heel protectors.


Also, if they need any repair, do give them to the shoemaker who has prior knowledge and experience in repairing dance shoes.


Final Thoughts

Professional ballroom dance shoes can help improve your overall experience of dancing. You can improve your techniques and also dance more comfortably and easily. These shoes also offer more durability and can last you for several years until you need to finally replace them. So it is a win-win offer for you. However, if your budget does not allow you to purchase expensive dance shoes, you can always look for alternate options for yourself! Rest assured, if you do invest, you will not regret it!

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January 13, 2022 — Blair DS